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Ilustrační foto obuviIndividual orthopedic shoes are important therapeutic and preventive medical devices intended for the correction of congenital or acquired defects of the foot and for the support of foot arches. They include individually manufactured shoes based on parameters measured by an orthopedic technician. Every shoe component is manufactured manually according to the parameters of the specific measuring sheet. A wide choice of materials, colors and patterns is essential for the satisfaction of requirements and demands of patients (customers). Given the non-negligible financial costs of manufacture, a substantial part of the costs (up to 100%) is paid by health insurance companies. Individual orthopedic shoes can be manufactured also for individuals paying for the shoes themselves.

Although increasing attention has been paid to the quality of shoes in recent years, the culture of foot care is still very low. This results in the development of deformities both on the sole of foot and on the foot skeleton. In addition to major and severe degenerative changes, such as clefts, different length of extremities, oblique or hook-like foot, the most frequently occurring disorders are longitudinal or transverse flat foot, hallux valgus, hammer or claw toes, calluses, and others. Underestimation of these and others foot defects can lead to limited mobility or sometimes even disability with age. Early management of the disorder and relevant correction are very important, particularly in children, where developing feet are very sensitive to low-quality shoes. Falling into the temptation of cheap, shiny, and low-quality children's shoes can have serious consequences in adulthood.

Ilustrační foto obuviThe company ERGON manufactures high-quality manually fabricated (individual orthopedic) shoes for all types of foot defects, including severe deformities. Our employees are ready to help you with choosing the proper model, material and design of shoes so that your feet get the comfort they deserve.

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